We only help people with ASQA accredited TESOL qualifications find employment.

  1. Please send your resume with qualification attached to: auedtr@gmail.com.
  2. Your resume will be forwarded to recruiters in Southeast Asia and Japan.

Working in Japan

If you wish to work in Japan, it is recommended you spend at least one year in Southeast Asia learning the ropes. This experience will assist you in developing classroom control skills, which are highly valued and expected in Japan. This way, you will have a better chance of being recontracted for employment in schools in Japan as there is a very high turnover of unqualified people with no experience, which you want to avoid as a TESOL qualified teacher.

Check out: https://bit.ly/TESOLJOB

Working Online

We regularly receive enquiries about private IELTS and OET training from students and professionals. All ASQA accredited trainers can be added to our private list of those willing to teach online after they have completed six hours of test trials with our ESL students from Southeast Asia.