NEAS Accredited TOEFL Training Programme


Who is NEAS?

NEAS is a globally recognised body that provides quality assurance services to ELT and vocational providers in Australia and internationally.
The NEAS QA Framework establishes and upholds high standards, supports centres in demonstrating quality in their programs and services, and provides guidance in continuous improvement processes.  
The NEAS tick promotes the recognition of quality in education and training.
We offer a full-time, face-to-face TOEFL Preparation Course to help you prepare for the Academic and General Training TOEFL tests.  
By choosing an TOEFL intensive preparation course you will:
・Develop an understanding of the test format
・Develop effective strategies for the listening and reading tests
・Learn how to improve your speaking
・Learn how to construct effective writing tasks
・Get intensive feedback from experienced TOEFL teachers.
・Get free access to E2 TOEFL Master online self-study course
・E2 TOEFLマスタークラスのオンライン自習コースへの無料アクセスを得られます


NEAS accredited TOEFL training course includes:
190時間 (2 年間) Part Time間TOEFLコースに含まれるのは (+100HR ONLINE)
・Course notes
・100 Hours TOEFL online Training subscription
・90 hours of face-to-face instruction (in-person/ online)
・90 時間の対面型指導
・Detailed feedback on your essays and your speaking
・A practice test every week.
・Some separate instruction for Academic and General Training in the reading and writing modules.
・All trainers are Australian Government accredited trainers.


Application Form: